CANNOLI CAKE with a simple syrup of rum & maraschino cherry juice, Homemade Cannoli cream finished with an Italian buttercream.


9 Large eggs room temp

1 1/2 Cups of sugar

2 Cups of Cake flour or if you don’t have cake flour

remove 3 Tbspns of flour and add 3 Tbspns of corn starch & sift!

1 1/2 Baking powder

2 Tsp Almond extract

Wisk the Eggs, sugar, and Almond extract or you can use vanilla for about 5 minutes or until you see them pale in color and the volume has increased about 2-3 times the volume. Let the eggs and sugar whip for like 5 minutes.

Once the eggs are done add in the dry ingredients sifted twice prior to starting and then sift in 4 parts into the batter, and fold it into the volumized eggs (use a spatula) it takes time but do it in parts so you don’t reduce the volume of the eggs.

Pour into three 8 inch or 9 inch pans do not grease the sides of the pan use parchement paper on the bottom of the pan, Bake the cakes at 350 F until GOLDEN make sure they are golden, let them cool off completely! Just run your knife around the cake pan when they come out.


30 oz of Ricotta (See the video on how to make

Homemade Ricotta) if you use store bought strain over night.

Candid fruit (if you like it)

1 cup of sugar

2 tsp of vanilla

1/2 a vile of orange blossom water

zest of an orange

3/4 cup of mini chocolate chips

Cream your Ricotta if needed pass it thru a strainer to make it even more creamer) Whip the Ricotta and all the ingredients except the chocolate chips (until smooth), add your chocolate chips & place in the refrigerator for an hour or two and let the flavors set.

ITALIAN BUTTERCREAM is meringue-based and very light, creamy and less sweet than American buttercream. You can flavor it with water flavoring you like. It is a very stable buttercream and awesome to decorate with.


YEILD: about 3 cups enough to cover 8×4 inch cake

Sugar Syrup

150 grams White Sugar

80ml or 1/3cup Water


100 grams Egg Whites

225 or 1 block Butter


Make sure before adding the butter, the meringue must be in at room temperature

If the mixture doesn’t get thicker, put it in the fridge for about 15 minutes and whip it again until it thickens.

To see if the sugar syrup is in a soft ball stage without thermometer just tries the water test. If you drop the syrup into the cold water and the syrup easily forms a ball while in the cold water but flattens once removed from the water it’s done.  Also you can see that the bubbles are big and start boiling slowly.

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